Why Welcome Family Group?

We believe that God joins people to local churches, and it is important for individuals to express their belief that they are joined to a particular church fellowship, and for the leaders of that church to accept responsibility for that individual. The welcome family group gives people an opportunity to find out about us, in an informal way.


All new people are encouraged to try our  Welcome Family Group which is one of our family groups. Here you will be given the opportunity to ask any questions and to get to know us. We also ask that people attend the Welcome Track Kingdom Group ( Firestarters and Joy ), as these give people a good outline of many of our values  we are pursuing.

Joined to what?

As leaders we are looking to see if God has joined a person or couple to the church. We look to see if the individual has built genuine relationships with other people in the church, to see if they wholeheartedly agree with the church vision and want to use their gifts to glorify God and further build the church, and if they are happy to follow the vision of the church.


Please ask to speak to Chris, Jane, Helen for more information